welcome to home delivery 

iHomevalet is a service for Dry cleaners using the POS Metro Cloud based Dry Cleaning Point of Sale System. By purchasing the pointofsalecloud.com for your cleaners, your customers can signup for service, view and schedule deliveries, update their customer information and pay their bills with you online using intergrated credit card processing.

Billing - Each month the customerwill recieve a bill in the mail for the Cleaning for that month or you can auto charge their credit cards. They will simply send the payment to you or give the payment to the delivery person.

Cleaners - If you are a PointOfSaleCloud.com user just go to Store Manager and enter the Zip Codes you wish to Service and then give the iHomeValet.com out to your customers. If you want to purchase the system and begin using the PointOfSaleCloud.com go to the website and purchase the software or a package online. For sales information call 760.524.2473 or the Tech Office at 760.282.4421